Your Map to avoid Mistakes made by others on your road to Success

Save your time and energy with a collection of handcrafted real stories of mistakes made by successful people in their journeys.
We want you to avoid doing the same mistakes and shorten your way to the goal.

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The story behind this project


Full-Stack Web Developer & Indie Hacker

Hey there! My name is Farid BEN KACEM (@FBNKCMaster). I'm a full-stack developer for over 10 years now. Beside this project, I'm running two side projects ( and I'm working, also and simultaneously, on others (but not yet released).
My first SaaS I've launched was UIreframe (link to twitter account) it was 10 years ago but it failed for just some simple and dumb mistakes I've made back then. One of them was not to choose the right hosting provider. I went with the cheapest one and I've got hacked simply by some beginner who left me the famous splash message of his despicable "glory" on the home page.
I always preferred to play it solo and wasn't able to hire a person for the security and server management. My reaction to this incident was the bigest mistake I ever done; I decided to shut down the project because I was hurt in my ego (I was very proud of my baby) and also because it was hard to regain customers confiance.
To see how close I was to make it, here is the video I was preparing for the promotion but never released.
Now, I admit, I did learn a lot from those mistakes. It never happened again.

The idea of the project

So, here is my conviction right now; I believe that success is achieved by avoiding killer mistakes and of course having a little bit of luck. This is how I got the idea of this project.
I do believe that we can learn more from stories of failures than success stories.
Yes, and without any doubt, success stories are inspiring, motivating & constructive... But it's hard to reproduce them with the same ingredients (timing, connections, surrounding people...) and that's because what works for you may not be that much helpfull for me at that time, with my skills, my budget...
Instead, what we can replicate is to avoid doing the mistakes we know can break us because we've seen & heard what they did to other people like us.

You don't have to make those mistakes too

We make mistakes and we learn from them, that's sure. We always hear quotes like:
“You always pass failure on your way to success.” -Mickey Rooney.
“It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” - Ellen DeGeneres
“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill
Ok, that's fine, but just tell me, wouldn't it be great to avoid doing some of those mistakes in our way to success? Wouldn't it be awesome to just learn from others' failures and mistakes and shorten our path to glory?
This is the aim of this project; collecting as much as possible of constructive stories written by successful startuppers, entrepreneurs and indie hackers where they share their strugles, mistakes and failures. It's a golden mine of experiences that will make you save your time and energy and go straight to your goal.

You too could become someone's superhero ;)

Not every superhero wears a cape. And everyone here can become one of those legends by sharing his stories & help other people by preventing them from doing the same mistakes.
So, feel free to participate to become one of our premium members and receive all other stories to learn from for free.

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